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Web Maintanance

Maintenance of web site is necessity if you want to keep it from becoming dull and losing visitors. Maintaining your web site means continuously updating it with fresh content, keeping it free from errors (i.e. broken links, sloppy code) to maintaining a high position in the search engines.

Web site Promotion

We promote the web site constantly. All measures will be takes to get people to your site. This is particularly important in order to ensure that people continue to hit your site. There are many techniques that can be used to get your site noticed


Checking the links

Another task that is of crucial nature is checking for broken links. There are chances that the external links are not there (sites move, are abandoned or are modified all of the time). Broken link may not occur occasionally with internal links.

Changing the Site

World is changing and People expect sites on the web to be constantly changing and improving. If your site is static and unchanging there is hardly any reason for someone to come back again. One way to get them to come back is to change the content constantly and to be sure that your visitors know it is changing.

Monitoring the Site

We will check the site on a regular basis making sure that your site is not bouncing so that you may not be removed by search engines and your visitor level drop.

Reviewing the Statistics

This task will be performed on a regular basis. Your page counts will be checked to be sure that your site is being viewed. You need to know where people are coming from, which browsers they are using and what they visited while they were at your site.

Checking the Site's Security

Website security is a hot issue in maintenance. We apply and check the latest security measures on websites. We make sure that your site is secure. This means your customers (if any) and visitors’ information remains confidential and safe. Our security measures will protect you and your web host from harm.

Protecting Your Visitor's Privacy

All good web sites Post a privacy policy and adhere to them without exception. We will review your practices occasionally, and ask you to change them if they are against the policy to ensure that privacy poly is being followed.

Obtaining incoming links

Search engines use linking to create a web of linked sites. The more sites that link to yours help determine the popularity of your site. Sites with few links don't do well in the search engines. We will obtain links from related sites, which already rank well or receive a large number of visitors. Finding links is an ongoing strategy to maintain and increase your website rankings.

Monitoring web site rankings

Keywords used to search for information on your site can change dramatically. One must stay up to date with search engine changes. Your site will be adjusted accordingly then will be resubmitted to the search engines if needed. contact us in creating a web site maintenance plan that will ensure that your web site is performing at its optimum leve.

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